Future of IPTV

The most trending and leading technology in the entertainment field allowing many viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies on their tv sets is “IPTV”.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which broadcasts both encrypted and unencrypted TV channels commerce stores video content to the end-user through the latest technologies over the Internet. It is a combination of TV and the Internet that allows access to the subscribers to the programs they wish to watch. These days the TV sets available in the market are almost supporting the latest technology IPTV, as they can be configured easily without any additional infrastructure and can watch whatever Programs they like to streamline on their TV sets day by day, there is a drastic increase of IPTV providers available in the market thereby laying tough competition to every IPTV service provider thus making IPTV service providers in delivering high-quality services. Another latest technology referred to as ODT is giving a tough fight to the IPTV technology but still due to the biggest advantage of IPTV over OTT that is easy access over the programs compared to IPTV platforms for regular viewers.

According to a few studies, the number of subscribers exceeded the number of regular cable TV and satellite TV subscribers by over 23% between 2015 and 2018 fully stopped by the year 2022, there is a chance for IPTV technology to reach 35 million homes. Nevertheless, the usage of traditional TV sets is continued though there is a change in the broadcasting process creating good business opportunities in the domestic and entertainment proving growth of IPTV technology in the future.

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