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Difference between Internet TV and IPTV?

What is Internet TV and IPTV?

Every individual mainly focus on the cost savings factor means to invest less but gain more, even for investing in their interests like getting entertained from movies or TV shows maximum of the people are inclining towards beneficiary factor” less investment, huge entertainment”.

The latest technologies that are highly successful in the entertainment market are Internet TV and IPTV. This article makes you understand the differences between Internet TV and IPTV and learn about the best option mainly considering the cost factor.

1.     In terms of definition:

What is Internet TV?

Internet TV is the platform for distributing the general content covering all the entertainment shows over the Internet.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television, where the content opted by the customers will be streamlined over the TV through the decoder box.

2.     Internet connection:

IPTV doesn’t require Internet for streaming the programs

Internet TV must and should require an Internet connection maintaining good speed for telecasting the selected shows on your devices.

3.     Domain:

IPTV services are delivered through a private network

Internet TV services are delivered through the public domain

4.     Restriction:

There are no restrictions on the service being streamlined over the Internet TV but only the restricted content is delivered over the IPTV network.

5.     Accessibility:

Internet TV allows access over all the shows available on the platform whereas IPTV doesn’t allow to watch the shows on which they are not subscribed.

6.     Flexibility:

Internet TV shows can be telecasted on your smartphones, tablet or smart TV or desktop, laptop and from any location where the Internet can be accessed

IPTV Programs can be viewed only by using a decoder box that is connected to your television similar to a cable box connection thereby limiting the flexibility compared to Internet TV

7.     Cost savings:

Internet TV provides free Internet TV programs or shows by many providers and there are no contracts or credit checks required to watch your favorite program

IPTV charges on every program that you watch every month or whatever subscription package is selected by the customer.

8.     Live TV shows:

Internet TV allows the access of watching live shows or programs but there may be restrictions over watching a live show on the IPTV platform

9.     Geographical access:

Internet TV has no geographical limitation the only important factor that needs to be considered is maintaining a good Internet connection or having good mobile data to watch your favorite show from any device and any location

IPTV certainly has geographical limitations and have limitations on the devices where services are delivered

10. Video quality:

the video quality of the services streamlined over the Internet TV depends upon the strength of the Internet connection maintained by the customer, so good Internet connection speed delivers good data content over the devices

High video quality can be expected from the IPTV service providers as the content delivery over the television is continuously monitored so that the data content doesn’t get buffered


Depending upon the network availability and choice of the customers can opt for the best ones, to watch high video quality shows and who wish to watch only their favorites then you can opt for IPTV and coming to internet TV one can watch any program or movies or shows recorded or live wherever you want and on any device at free of cost.