What- technology- does- the- OTT- platform- use

What technology does the OTT platform use?

What is OTT?

Before learning the technology, the OTT platform uses, let us know what is OTT first.

OTT stands for the Over-the-Top streaming process of entertainment stuff over the internet that can be viewed on smartphones, desktops, and other OTT-connected devices. There is a technology behind the scenes that distributes the content uniformly using the internet called OTT technology.

What is OTT technology?

It is the software integrated with the devices or hardware equipment for streaming right from television content to movies, sports, and all other entertainment-related stuff on a smart tv or smartphone or laptop or computer or tablet connected with the internet.

How does it work?

  • The broadcasters who develop content select the OTT platform they would like to deliver the content over it
  • The host uploads and transmits the data to remote servers through the Content Delivery Network
  • CDN is the series of servers from which the content is delivered.
  • All the videos are saved in the user interface gallery from which the users can view and access the content using the internet.
  • OTT streaming follows a professional-grade video hosting platform in the downloadable form or in the form of a browser streaming tool.
  • Few of them follows open-source technology
  • GUIs called graphical user interfaces are implemented with the streaming videos for special effect.
  • Video hosting platforms are the platforms from which the users can view and access the videos 
  • These video hosting platforms are integrated with features like security, monetization, brand customization, and API accessibility.
  • They store, host, and manage the video content for the right accessible persons.

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Drop-the- cable

Why is it important to drop the cable? What is the best alternative?

Why drop the cable?

Entertainment has become a part of everyone’s life not in the present days but from past three decades, certainly, the mode of entertainment and the sources of entertainment has changed a lot as technology has been keeping on changing and upgrading that has a higher impact on entertainment mainly. Initially, entertainment included black and white movies then introduced serials then came many other programs that not only entertained people but were also educative from elders to kids.

As the technology keeps on changing day to day the ways of transmitting entertainment have been changing, tv sets were connected to the cable wires which connected to the private cable transmission sources restricted to the area. These cable connections transmitted different types of channels telecasting different programs in different languages. Later, private subscribers entered who introduced the terms subscription packages including the channels only the customers wish to watch referred to as satellite television transmission.

Now, technology advanced to a platform that is more advanced than the previous model of transmissions or telecasting procedures which is referred to as “OTT platforms”.

What is OTT?

OTT stands for Over the Top that delivers the content or programs over the internet.
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OTT streaming services mainly require an internet connection
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How do content creators make money through OTT platforms?

Content creators make money:

The successful technology that has emerged big in a short time is OTT Platform that stands for Over The Top content distribution where one can watch their favorite shows, TV serial, web series, live shows, sports through the internet.

“Entertainment now, in your palms”

In the pandemic situation, the OTT has brought tremendous change in the movie field where many movies of multiple languages of multiple genres have been easily uploaded in the OTT platforms creating good opportunities for the advertisers and content creators.

One can watch OTT content just by having an internet connection connected to your phones, tablets or computers or TVs.

OTT platforms gain rights for all the movies, web series and TV shows from the producers by paying money and in turn earn revenue from the advertisers and subscribers who registered on their platforms.

Content creators can generate revenue in four ways through the OTT platform:

1.    AVOD:

It stands for Advertising Video on Demand where revenue is earned through the advertisements telecasted in the content, but the users can view the content for free.

2.    SVOD:

Subscription Video On Demand means OTT platforms earn revenue from the subscription money paid by the users to view the content. The subscription charges may change from one platform to other.

3.    Hybrid:

It is a model where SVOD and AVOD are combined, one can watch free and paid subscriptions programs at a time.

4.    TVOD:

Transaction Video On-demand gives opportunities to the users to watch their selected programs only.

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