How do content creators make money through OTT platforms?

Content creators make money:

The successful technology that has emerged big in a short time is OTT Platform that stands for Over The Top content distribution where one can watch their favorite shows, TV serial, web series, live shows, sports through the internet.

“Entertainment now, in your palms”

In the pandemic situation, the OTT has brought tremendous change in the movie field where many movies of multiple languages of multiple genres have been easily uploaded in the OTT platforms creating good opportunities for the advertisers and content creators.

One can watch OTT content just by having an internet connection connected to your phones, tablets or computers or TVs.

OTT platforms gain rights for all the movies, web series and TV shows from the producers by paying money and in turn earn revenue from the advertisers and subscribers who registered on their platforms.

Content creators can generate revenue in four ways through the OTT platform:

1.    AVOD:

It stands for Advertising Video on Demand where revenue is earned through the advertisements telecasted in the content, but the users can view the content for free.

2.    SVOD:

Subscription Video On Demand means OTT platforms earn revenue from the subscription money paid by the users to view the content. The subscription charges may change from one platform to other.

3.    Hybrid:

It is a model where SVOD and AVOD are combined, one can watch free and paid subscriptions programs at a time.

4.    TVOD:

Transaction Video On-demand gives opportunities to the users to watch their selected programs only.

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