What is OTT Platform and its mode of operation?

What is OTT Platform?

OTT refers to the process of sending data over a high-speed Internet connection, instead of the content being shared by traditional distributors such as broadcasters, cable, and IPTV operators. Day by day the users for the respective platforms are increasing by understanding the advantages of this OTT platform.

What is the abbreviation of OTT? OTT stands for “over the top” is a platform that telecasts the regular and most-watched serials, movies over the internet. Today almost everyone affords smartphones and many of them have a smart TV at their home which is known as the destination for OTT platforms. To watch your favorite shows and movies just you need a device either a smartphone or smart tv’s that supports the OTT platform over the internet.

There are so many OTT platforms available over the internet like Netflix, Amazon prime videos, AHA, hot star, and such. Not all the OTT platforms deliver the same programs or movies as that depends on the rights they purchase from the particular distributor. It is difficult for the users to opt for the best OTT platform among the options available in the market.

OTT platforms work similarly to the VOD business model. VOD stands for video on demand which comprises three models followed by most of the platforms.

OTT Mode Of Operation.


  1. SVOD stands for subscription video on demand
  2. This is a model that allows the users to access the movies and tv series that are included in the package they selected 
  3. Users should pay monthly, annually, or daily fees to access the movies in their library 
  4. Unsubscribe the present package or upgrade to the other packages after completion of a renewal period 
  5. Allows automatic payment of fees from the mobile wallets if registered


  1. ADVOD stands for advertising video on demand 
  2. It allows users to access movies and tv series content watching with ads between the shows
  3. Ads earn hosting costs for the company


  1. TVOD stands for transactional video on demand 
  2. It is a pay per view basis service
  3. User has to pay for every video they wish to watch for
  4. If it is a series then they should pay for the entire season


This is a combination of above-discussed models where the user will be allowed to access only a defined set of movies or series and need to pay for premium content.

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