Publish the numerous sports channels during live or in recorded programming, want to telecast particular league teams related to football, rugby, cricket, and more. Willing to deliver personalized video of famous players, build customizable pages supporting all supporting packages, highlights of the sports, sponsorship promotions, sales promotions.

Live Streaming

Stream matches during live Stream data about match telecasting as subtitles or promos in the app which attracts sports lovers easily.


Builds to support the users to customize and create pages for any player by publishing content about their wins and match playing strategies and highlights. Allows to build leagues internally.

Special Streaming

Content related to sports that are unseen on tv are published in the app Share highlights of the match visible after the off-season Share exclusive league wins personally to the fans over social media like FB.

Easy Ccustomization

Allows fans to access their favorite sports, teams, players, and pages. Increase the enthusiasm of sports lovers by sharing every latest update related to the most viewed games. Share reviews, rankings, stats, and rosters.

Additional Winning Strategies

Pay per view strategy increases the number of viewers for sports as everyone has different interests. Increase the sponsorship sales by sharing the most viewed shows and highlights over the platforms.